Clearbox Consulting today published a blog about SharePoint hub sites, the new(ish) feature of SharePoint in Office 365. The article featured input and comments from our CTO Mike Rogers who has been leading our technical team in getting to grips with hub sites, some of which are featured here:

“Hub sites promise to be the missing link to tie the SharePoint Online offering together. The global navigation in hub sites does indeed join up site collections, but it does so in a flat and limited manner. The automatic news and search aggregation is welcome but presents nothing that you couldn’t achieve before. The control of the look and feel is simply not granular enough to keep any comms person happy.”

“There has always been a navigation problem in SharePoint, and that problem is not fixed by hub sites. EasyShare provides a joined-up way of delivering a good intranet experience. We’ve been impressed with the changes Microsoft has wrought in the last few years through modern team sites and communication sites, and welcome hub sites.”

“But the fact remains that, at the moment unless your requirements can be answered with a small number of sites and a very flat hierarchy, hub sites cannot provide the complete answer.

As Microsoft themselves have intimated, for a corporate solution you should still be looking at a product.”

If you are interested in finding out more about SharePoint hub sites and where they can fit into your digital strategy, please do get in touch.

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