So, on Friday last week, the internal communications community gathered together at the annual Intranet Now conference in London. As always, the event was a huge success, filled with insightful talks and workshops, and oodles of networking. EasyShare sponsored this event for the fifth year running, and in this blog, I’ll aim to shed some light on the happenings of the day.

The theme of this year’s event was employee experience throughout the digital workplace, focusing on how companies might deliver useful, usable systems and tools which employees love. Naturally, we loved the theme…

EasyShare has been delivering intranet solutions that users love for over a decade, and from this year’s conference, it was clear that we’re still leading the way on all things SharePoint and Office 365.

One of the major focuses of the conference this year was on how to drive user adoption. Two delegates from the Hyde Housing Group, Emma Morrison and Usman Hasan, addressed the crowd on how to put employees at the centre of an intranet redesign. They emphasised the importance of getting the basics right; of keeping your people directory up to date; of targeting your news; of encouraging two-way-communications. These are things that we at EasyShare strive to implement successfully, and our Client Success Managers ensure that our clients’ employees really take to their new intranet.

My favourite speech was that of Tanya Burak, who discussed the overwhelming number of new features that Microsoft continues to throw at its users. This is a problem for many of our clients, and something that we regularly address. Tanya, of Savills, explained that even with a wonderful new intranet in place, employees aren’t using the tools given to them, and instead opt for more familiar networking tools, like Whatsapp. The key again is adoption and getting employees to properly engage with the tools that the intranet provides them with.

Those of us at EasyShare were amused to discover that the intranet problems remain the same, year on year. The tools may advance, but the problems do not. Businesses continue to struggle with user adoption, employees still can’t find anything on their intranet, users still want a slick navigation and a beautiful editing interface. As the years go by, the problems remain unchanged, and these are problems that we have addressed for over a decade, and as such, are unrivalled in our expertise to tackle them.

This year, the only remarkable difference to the problems that the internal communications community face revolves around collaboration. Back when the intranet was born, the purpose was to relate information easily and effectively to employees. That was it. But now, an intranet is so much more than that. Businesses want employees to be able to find key information easily, yes, but they also want their employees to utilise the social aspects and shared spaces of the intranet to effectively collaborate.

This brings me on to a much-discussed topic of the day: Modern SharePoint. The direction in which Microsoft is taking it’s much-loved, and also much-hated, product SharePoint was a hot-topic of the day. Of course, we at EasyShare were some of the leaders in this discussion. For more information on the world of Modern SharePoint, see our webinar here in which we discuss the advances of the SharePoint world.

All in all, it was a very successful day for the EasyShare team. We learned a lot, networked a lot, and at the after-party, danced a lot.

Thank you to all of those who came to speak with us. It was lovely to meet you all and we hope to see you again soon!

A special mention must go to Lisa and Wedge for organising such an inspiring event, and for their incredible choice of footwear.

See you next year!

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