‏Welcome back to our Modern blog series! In this blog, we’ll explain how to play to mix and match the best of Modern with the best of Classic SharePoint to create the right Digital Workspace for you.


The Car Analogy

Our Client Success Manager came up with a great analogy to clarify the difference and similarity of Modern and Classic SharePoint, that is the car! Imagine that each version of SharePoint is a car. Both versions have the exact same engine. Classic SharePoint is a nice big family car, with lots of functionality, gadgets and 4 doors. Modern SharePoint on the other hand is a sports car, it looks great and is way more fun to drive but it doesn’t have the same amount of gadgets to keep a family happy.

What does this mean?

Both versions of SharePoint are great tools, with pros and cons to each.

Classic SharePoint is feature-rich, tried and tested and already being used and loved by many organisations. However, it can look outdated and there are often complaints surrounding the usability and editing interface of this platform. This is exactly why we build EasyShare the intranet in a box which alleviates these frustrations and makes SharePoint, easy.

Modern looks, for want of a better word, ‘modern’. The interface is intuitive and it’s so easy to edit and upload documents. It’s basically every Comms professionals dream! But it comes with some downside, namely it’s lack of functionality. It has fewer webparts, fewer features and less versatility than Classic SharePoint. The ability to brand a Modern site and really make it your own is limited.

Modern also poses some challenges when it comes to its roll out. It is hard to manage and see how it is being used across an organisation and that can be more than a little daunting for comms and IT managers alike.

While both versions of SharePoint have pros and cons, it is possible to take advantage of the benefits of both. As the two versions of SharePoint are built using the same engine, they are completely compatible with each other and thus can be used in hybrid form. This means that you can have both Modern and Classic sites across your intranet, allowing you to get the most out of both worlds.

EasyShare, our SharePoint in a box product navigates this complex new world by:

  • Delivering administrator tools so organisations can control and manage Modern
  • Increasing the brandability of modern
  • Having web parts which surface and search content across Classic and Modern SharePoint
  • Bring over 30 webparts into Modern

So now that you know that you can use both platforms in your intranet. Look out for the next blog post, coming soon!


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