EasyShare Modern Intranet offers a rich platform for all your organisation’s communication needs.  We’ve created an elegant and functional intranet that will keep your staff focused, engaged, and connected.


See how EasyShare supports your organisation across a range of audiences:

IT Professionals
  • 100% Microsoft
  • No heavy add-ins or external applications
  • No impact on performance
  • Leverage the full Office 365 stack
  • Fully secure & GDPR compliant
Internal Comms
  • Keep staff engaged with personalised content
  • Intuitive and easy to manage
  • Enhanced employee experience
  • Collaborate with team members
HR Professionals
  • Automated, time-saving workflows
  • Document and policy alerts
  • Making people easy to find
  • Encourage staff to keep profiles up to date
  • Seamless document management


See how our solution works to serve these essential purposes:


EasyShare brings activity from Teams, Planner and Yammer in to the central intranet making it a multipurpose collaboration portal.

Ask us how we’ve integrated Teams to deliver an enhanced experience to your employees.


Make use of SharePoint and Office 365’s intelligent search and metadata tagging to improve the findability of your content.

Our team can help you to improve the health of your employee data, so the intranet serves as a powerful knowledge base.


There’s no more important time to improve the way you communicate with your staff and EasyShare is set up to help you deliver great employee experience digitally.

We’ve also worked hard to enhance SharePoint’s look & feel to make the Newsfeed a more enticing place to be.


Our experience building business productivity systems means we’ve added features to our intranet solution to help digitise common business processes.

Automation, alerts, and pre-configured workflows as well as unlimited scope for integration with external platforms like Salesforce and Slack place EasyShare at the heart of the digital workplace.

Feature List

EasyShare carefully balances standard Office 365 functionality with new, gap-plugging enhancements that are 100% aligned with the ever evolving Microsoft roadmap.

Spotlight feature: Teams

Spotlight feature: Teams
Our custom Teams functionality means important collaboration activity can be undertaken from within the intranet.

In as little as one week, start engaging your global workforce with this rich feature set:

Beautiful design
Design a perfect digital workplace themed to reflect your brand identity.
Quick start templates
Pick from our range of templates to standardise site & page creation.
Automated workflows
We've set up common business processes like 'the new starter' so you don't have to.
People Finder
Access the People search tool intuitively through the EasyShare navigation.
Allow staff to work seamlessly across the intranet and Teams with our integrated web parts.
My Dashboard
Your personalised homepage surfaces your Teams, Planner and Yammer activity as well as targeted news and recent documents.
Allow staff to work seamlessly across the intranet and Planner with our integrated web parts.
Power BI
Bring analytics to life with our pre-configured Power BI dashboards. And what's more, we'll help you make sense of the insights.
Artificial Intelligence
Leveraging machine learning with Microsoft and suggest personalised, related news.
EasyShare is multi-lingual and ready to roll out to your international staff base.
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