EasyShare is our award winning digital workspace solution for Office 365, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016.

Our clients choose EasyShare to quickly deliver an intuitive, collaboration portal with best practice adoption of the wider Microsoft stack at the core of its design.


After a 15 minute install, your organisation will have the full functionality of the product. Our intuitive branding tool allows the business to quickly take ownership of the digital workspace, coupled with close to 100 web-parts proven to increase user interaction and adoption of the solution.

Sharepoint on-prem

We have a large number of clients working with on-premise versions of SharePoint 2013 and 2016. We can also keep you posted about previews of SharePoint Server 2019, which is expected to arrive by mid-2018.


Incorporating the best of enterprise social networking


Harness the power of Office365 video



Encouraging idea sharing and overall workspace adoption


Delivering the right information to everyone


Access information anywhere on any device


Create your brand with no development required





Enhanced search brings all data sources into one portal

Why choose EasyShare for your intranet?

100% aligned to Microsoft

Certified by Microsoft own Gold standard, our product is all about getting the best from the latest intelligent communications tools including Communication sites, Hubs, Office 365, Teams, Groups Yammer and much more.

Mature and proven

Our intranet product was prototyped on SharePoint 2007 and first released to market for SharePoint 2010! The current release is conspicuously modern, fully aligned to SharePoint and continues to adapt based on Microsoft’s own roadmap for the Office 365 platform.

Working better, your way

Make your intranet the dashboard for a range of business applications, even those custom-built by your own team. Talk to us about using Power Apps and Flow for better integration.

Analytics powered by CardioLog

  • EasyShare Analytics powered by CardioLog will enable your organisation to gather a wealth of data including user reports, visitor reports, search phrases and much more.
  • CardioLog Analytics is the leading SharePoint & Office 365 analytics solution on the market.
  • Designed for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and Office 365.