Central Government Agency Intranet

 Central Government Agency

The Challenge

An executive Agency, sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs pays out over £2 billion each year to support a thriving farming and food sector. The Agency were looking to deliver to their 5,000 staff a SharePoint intranet to better support internal communication and team working.

With headquarters in Reading and major offices in Carlisle, Exeter, Newcastle, Workington and York, the agency required the intranet to:

  • Help staff to work together and find one another
  • Act as a central repository for documents and content which would be easy to search
  • Communicate group strategy across 6 office locations and regions
  • Work across a wide range of mobile and tablet devices

Furthermore, it was important to the Agency that the new SharePoint intranet could be managed internally by both IT staff and content creators. From previous experience, the Agency knew that they did not want to have a solution delivered to the organisation that staff struggled to configure, leading to an over-reliance on a partner to make basic changes.

A bonus, if the Agency could find it, was a SharePoint intranet that would evolve with the latest and greatest intranet innovation within the market. The Agency were concerned that their SharePoint intranet might become outdated within a year of going live.