Adoption of Office365: What’s the problem?


When a company implements Office365, they have this dream of how it’ll all work in mind. They expect their employees to be more engaged and productive, to be using Teams and SharePoint and to be working more efficiently.

But the reality is often very different. Adoption of Office365 is a long, painful, uphill battle at times, and this blog will shed light on some of the reasons for this, why it’s important to address this, and how you can tackle adoption in your workplace.


So why do employees struggle to adopt Office 365?

People don’t like change: It’s a well-known fact that we human beings like things to stay exactly as they are. Employees would rather stick to their pen and paper and their face-to-face meetings than learn how to use Yammer and Teams.

Office365 is overwhelming: The amount of applications available in Office365 is crazy, and it’s said that most users use less than 20% of the functionality. Every few months, something new pops into the Office365 world and employees have no idea what to do with it.

Office 365 is implemented too fast: Companies will often implement Office 365 overnight and expect employees to take to the new system immediately and leave behind their old working habits. It goes without saying that this tactic never works.

Where do you find anything?! – We’ve all been there. Where did I put that document? How do I get back to that Team? The impossible web of Office365 frustrates employees and stops them from embracing all the positive things Office365 has to offer.

Employees just don’t know how to use the tools: I can’t stress enough how much this impacts adoption of Office365. If your employees don’t know how to use the tools, and don’t see how it’s going to benefit their job, why would they embrace them?

These are just a few of the reasons that there is an issue with adoption of Office365. If you’re struggling with adoption at your company and would like to speak to one of our team, get in touch here.


So how can you ensure office 365 is properly adopted in your business?

Office 365 is quite an investment, so it’s imperative that it has a positive effect on your business. In most cases, the return on investment of Office 365 is based on changing the way people work. So, to ensure a return on investment, you must have a successful adoption of Office365. But how do you do this?

Culture change: You must have a top-down culture change, where management drives the adoption of new technologies. It’s imperative that the leaders in an organisation really carry their staff through this change in a positive manner.

Upskill your team: You can’t just drop a whole new load of apps on someone and expect them to take to it. It’s a slow, gradual process. Continuous learning within the workplace must be encouraged to ensure that technology is used.

Engage your staff with the tools: Go to them. Find out what they do. And then apply the Office 365 tools to that job to make it easier. If people really understand how using the tools will benefit their job, they will use them.

Set realistic expectations: Your staff aren’t going to use all the Office 365 tools. They just won’t. So don’t ask too much of them. Ensure that they are adopting the tools that benefit their job most.

Plan and implement gradually: If you throw too much at your employees, they’ll recoil. Have an implementation plan in place that phases the tools into the workplace slowly, allowing employees to develop their technology skills without being overwhelmed.

Use SharePoint to fit it all together: SharePoint can be used as the glue for all other Office365 applications. It’s a great springboard for the apps, and people often really take to having one area in which they can access everything. For more information on developing your digital workplace with SharePoint, contact our team today.


The implementation and activation of Office365 is often successful but the failure comes with the adoption and proficiency of these tools. When it comes to implementing Office365 in your workplace, you must invest in people change and cultivate an environment of continuous learning within your business. If you don’t change the way people work, all you’ve got is a very expensive typewriter.


If you’d like to speak to a member of our team today about how we can help to make Office365 thrive in your workplace, we’d love to hear from you.

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