EasySharePoint Intranet Solution

Why our clients choose us?

EasySharePoint is the award winning, market leading digital workspace for Office 365, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016. Our intranets deliver exceptional communication function by including social features into a handsome mobile ready platform, making collaboration easy and effective.

Our clients choose EasySharePoint to quickly deliver an intuitive digital portal with best practice adoption of the wider Microsoft stack at the core of its design. Our intranets minimise the burden of administration on the IT department whilst our hybrid functionality allows you to decide where and how data is stored.

As the most mature intranet product on the market, EasySharePoint has a rich history of providing collaborative solutions that can unlock the hidden potential in your organisation.


Mature Product

Our team has rolled out more than 60 intranets for clients across Europe and North America. Since the first release on SharePoint 2010, we have released versions spanning 4 versions of SharePoint, driven by client requirements alongside a vision that takes full advantage of Microsoft’s own roadmap for the platform.

Exquisite Design

The EasySharePoint branding tool allows you to create a modern-looking, customised and personalised look and feel to your corporate intranet. Our point and click functionality allows your in-house team to brand and re-brand your intranet to promote your corporate identity without any development or specialist skills.

Fully Customizable

EasySharePoint places no restrictions on integrations with third-party products and can function as the ‘dashboard’ for a range of business applications, even those custom built by your own team. As EasySharePoint sits within the SharePoint eco-system, any tools that can be connected to SharePoint can be integrated with your intranet.

Mobile Responsive

Your EasySharePoint intranet will be fully responsive across all major browsers and mobile devies and is always in line with the latest technology. This functionality helps to support a non desk-based workforce and allows employees to stay up to date while on the move.

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The next generation intranet for Office 365 and SharePoint

EasySharePoint is a packaged solution which facilitates rapid deployment and introduces custom enhancements to SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and Office 365.
For users of Office 365, you can include many of the latest Microsoft Office tools easily within your intranet including Teams, Groups, Delve, Stream, Flow and much more.
Ready-to-go knowledge management hubs, intranets, extranets and team work spaces can be deployed, branded and set up in a few hours. Our experienced team can also help out with engagement and adoption of your new intranet.

An effective, social intranet that people want to use

EasySharePoint includes a host of features that make it easy for everyone to provide and share information, and also find and digest it. Develop an online community –discussions and feedback, collaboration, meeting facilitation and other social enterprise functionality on a range of devices or different locations. News, blogs, polls, forms, discussion groups, team sites can all be branded and customized to your requirements. If desired, your intranet can include full Yammer integration for even deeper social features.

Fully supported by our experienced team

The EasySharePoint team can work with you to plan how and where staff will access key policies, procedures and information. They can help you to provide a mix between content that is critical to staff, such as the latest policy documents alongside blogs, communities and marketplace that can boost usage. Our team can offer training, content auditing, information architecture (IA) support and governance guidance, all which add to the effectiveness of your intranet.

"I wanted a solution that would be quick and reliable with no technical resources. EasyShare fits the bill perfectly, it has been very easy to install and to brand"
Simon ThunderCIO, The Premier League
"EasyShare has really hit the mark in terms of the feature requirements that we have and looks great across all the key devices that we use"
Jani LevasaloCIO, Santander
"EasyShare allowed Dermalogica to get all the benefits of running O365 and Yammer without compromising usability, functionality or mobility"
Calvin SzetoIT Director, Dermalogica